Best Summer Drinks After a Picnic in St. James’s Park

Picture the scene – it’s a gloriously sunny day, you’ve just enjoyed the classically British staple of a picnic in the lush greenery of St. James’s Park (4 mins walk), and now you fancy a tipple or two to round off the perfect summer’s day. Perhaps it’s a crisp lager, an expertly-mixed cocktail, a fruity cider, or something non-alcoholic yet deliciously refreshing. Whatever you fancy, Blue Boar Pub, located just steps from the park, has the perfect options to suit your post-picnic palate.


Refreshing Summer Beverages in London

Blue Boar Lager

For beer enthusiasts, our Blue Boar Lager is a must-try. This bespoke English lager is crafted using locally grown malt and hops, giving it a distinct, homegrown flavour. The Blue Boar Lager is known for its crisp and refreshing taste, making it an ideal choice to cool down after a sunny afternoon in the park. Its balanced bitterness and clean finish make it a versatile drink that pairs well with a variety of picnic foods.

Sassy Cidre Brut / Sassy Cidre Rosé

If you prefer something fruity and bubbly, the Sassy Cidre Brut and Sassy Cidre Rosé offer a perfect balance of flavours. The Cidre Brut has a traditional dry taste, enriched by a smooth effervescence and a full-bodied profile with apple and leather aromas. It strikes a delicate balance between acidity, bitterness, and roundness, making it a sophisticated choice for cider lovers. On the other hand, the Sassy Cidre Rosé brings a semi-dry fruitiness to the table. It’s smooth, vibrant, and refreshingly different, with a subtle sweetness that complements its underlying tartness. Both versions provide a delightful drinking experience, perfect for a leisurely post-picnic treat.


Sassy Cidre Brut

St. James’s Garden

Finally, for a drink that’s not only inspired by the beauty of St. James’s Park but truly captures the essence of summer, the St. James’s Garden is perfect for a sunny summer’s day and, best of all, is guilt-free. This non-alcoholic cocktail blends summer fruits with New London Light and London Essence Soda, creating a light, fruity, and refreshing drink. It’s a delightful, alcohol-free option that makes the perfect refreshment after a sunny day in the park.

Old Tidal Wave

Old Tidal Wave

For cocktail aficionados, the Old Tidal Wave is a refreshing and invigorating option. This drink combines Tidal rum, mint, English sparkling wine, and fresh lime to create a cocktail that’s both refreshing and complex. The Tidal rum adds a smooth, rich base, while the mint and lime provide a burst of freshness, and the sparkling wine adds a touch of elegance and effervescence. It’s a sophisticated choice that embodies the essence of summer relaxation.

Fair Espresso Martini

Fair Espresso Martini

For those needing a caffeine boost after a long day outdoors, the Fair Espresso Martini is an excellent choice. We make ours with Fair vodka and Fair coffee liqueur, which is the first Fairtrade spirit from grower to settler, giving a percentage of revenue back to producers and coffee farmers. We combine these with a shot of espresso to create a cocktail that is both invigorating and indulgent. The rich, robust flavours of coffee are perfectly balanced with the smoothness of the vodka, making it an ideal pick-me-up that’s both stylish and delicious.

Visit Blue Boar Pub for the Best Drinks After a Picnic

Whether you’re a fan of lager, cider, or cocktails, we’ve got something here to suit every taste. So next time you find yourself enjoying the natural beauty of St. James’s Park on our doorstep, why don’t you pop into Blue Boar Pub to complete your perfect day out in London.

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